Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dragon*Con 2012

It's been three years that Matt Refghi has been trying to get me to go to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

Matt went to the two last ones and wrote up some nice posts about the top ten costumes at Dragon*Con 2011 and the top 5 costumes at Dragon*Con 2010.

Well, I have the pleasure to announce that I will be going to be part of this crazy feast! After having had a small glimpse of what Dragon*Con might be by attending the Montreal Otakuthon 2012, there is no way I will miss out on this for another year!

As the start date of Dragon*Con 2012 approaches (August 31st, 2012), the nights seem to get longer with all the enthusiasm building up!

You can expect tons of pictures to come out of it! I will try to post pics at the end of every single day, and keep you informed on what costumes to look for!

Take a look at the pictures taken during Otakuthon 2012. There were some pretty good costumes out there in this Con in Montreal.

Photos of costumes at Otakuthon 2012

If you are planning to go to Dragon*Con 2012, let me know!

If you are interested, I suggest you head over to the Dragon*Con 2012 registration page as soon as possibleas their "NEW limited number of Saturday Only passes" will only be available through the Dragon*Con store for 50$ until August 17th (tomorrow!).

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